Two of the Most Leading Certifications for Developers and Professionals in IT Sector

1.     Exam 70-482 (title: advanced windows store app development using HTML5 and JavaScript

Microsoft published the 70-82 exams especially for IT developers, who want to earn the MCSD certification on 4th of October, 2012. This is a proctored exam formulated in English language.

Eligible individuals

Only those candidates are eligible for the exam who has at least two years of experience to develop HTML applications along with a minimum experience of two years of developing apps for touch enabled platforms. A candidate must possess the following skills:

  • Experience to design and develop PLM for windows store apps
  • Experience to manage and safeguard data of applications for windows store app
  • Experience to plan and design solutions for user interactions
  • Experience to develop windows store apps life cycle
  • Experience to develop and design asynchronous solutions

Credit for the certification

The exam 70-482 acts as a credit toward the MCSD: Windows store apps using HTML5 certification

Skills tested

The exam measures the following skills in a candidate

  • Development of windows store apps
  • Discovery and interaction with devices
  • Programming user interaction
  • Enhancing the user interface
  • Managing the safety and data
  • Preparing solution deployment

Training courses

To facilitate candidates in the preparation of the exam 70-482, following training courses can be taken

20482A: advanced windows store app development using HTML5 and JavaScript (a 5 day training course)

20482B: advanced windows store app development using HTML5 and JavaScript

  • Currently there are no e-learning training programs and practice tests available for this exam.

2.     Exam 70-483: title= Programming in C#

Programming in C# is a latest exam based on visual studio, 2012 published by Microsoft on 12th of October, 2012. This proctored exam is suitable for IT developers.

Exam prerequisites

Individuals who wish to take this exam must have at least one year of experience of programming the necessary business or app logic for various types of application platforms with the help of C#.

Exam 70-483 is a credit for:

Passing the exam 70-483 fulfills the requirement for Programming in C# specialist. Passing the exam 70-483 acts as a credit for the MCSD: Windows store apps using C#

Skills assessed

  • The exam 70-483 measures and tests the following skills:
  • Management of program flow
  • Creating and using types
  • Debugging apps and implementation of security
  • Implementation of data access

Training courses:

Following courses can be taken to prepare for the exam 70-483

  • 20483B: Programming in C#
  • 20483A: programming in C#

Nadine Myrick is a University Lecturer. She loves to write on IT Certifications technical topics like Microsoft 70-482 Exam and 70-483 Exam. She is writing from last three years.