The 5 Worst Employers To Work For In 2013

You might agree with Mark Twain that “Work is something that is best avoided”. For most of us, choosing to not work isn’t a viable option. However that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and avoid working for terrible employers. Below you will learn about the companies who have been selected as the worst to work for by their employees. Take a job with one of these companies at your own peril.

Here are the top ten worst employers of 2013

#1 Toys R Us

Toys R Us might be a delightful place for children but that’s not the case for its employees. The company has a history of treating its workers badly. In 2009 the company paid $100,000 in penalties and restitutions to its employees because of failure to pay earned vacation time. Job security at Toys R Us isn’t great either. When the company was taken over by Bain Capital roughly 2,250 employees were fired. With some of the lowest pay rates in the industry, this is one company to avoid.

#2 GameStop

Video game retailer GameStop is a perfect example of how changing technology and market pressures can make an employees life very unpleasant indeed. With 6,650 stores worldwide, this company is finding it difficult to make the retail numbers work. Increasingly customers are downloading games directly from the internet. This means that staff are under pressure to hard sell any customer that enters the store. Gone are the days of offering friendly advice about the latest and best games. These days it is all about making your sales numbers.

#3 United Airlines

United Airlines has been crowned “The worst airline in America”. Customers frequently complain about poor customer service, lost baggage and delays. The evidence certainly supports those complaints, in the year to September in 2012, the on time arrival rate was a meagre 77.75%. Again it is the employees that experience the worst of this anger. Many of the problems at the company have been caused by the merger between United Airlines and Continental Airlines in 2010. The company is still struggling to integrate the two companies. Employees having to come to grips with new systems face additional pressures.

#4 Hertz Global

The rental car industry was already highly competitive, but new entrants such as ZipCar have made it even more so. Hertz is the second largest car rental business in the world and operates in 145 countries. While the company is profitable the competitive pressures mean that this isn’t a great business to work for. Employees of Hertz, say the upper management is out of touch with the realities of running a car rental business day to day. That means targets that those lower down the food chain find very difficult to meet.

#5 RadioShack

RadioShack is another retailer who is experiencing technological change. It’s over 34,000 employees, complain that the company over works them and doesn’t pay enough. Specifically the commission structure of the company was criticized. Sales targets are very difficult to meet because they require that the employee achieves a complex series of metrics. The sales focus of RadioShack means that many customers are also disgruntled. Unfortunately it is the front line staff who feel the brunt of this displeasure.

Nils is a passionate blogger and works as a marketing consultant specialising in employer branding.