Retire in Style … to Mexico

What’s it all About?

For US citizens, the choices involved in planning a retirement are often overwhelming and difficult to make. For some retirees, there is an added dimension that arises when they consider the option of retiring in another country. For many, Mexico is an obvious choice, since it’s out neighbor to the south, it’s got beautiful beaches, mountains, and towns, and it’s a lot cheaper than living in the United States. There are so many things to consider, like would you have enough to live on, what will you do for fun, where will you live, how will you learn Spanish, what is the infrastructure like, can you own property, and on and on. Here we give you some basic facts about retiring in Mexico, so you can begin to explore the idea yourself, and make a decision for your retirement lifestyle. One place we’ll begin is with the general nature of Mexican culture and people, since many North Americans know very little about their neighbor to the South. There is much more than palm-studded beaches on the coast and desert conditions on the interior, which are the stereotypes most people hold in their minds about Mexico.

What’s the Allure of Retiring in Mexico?

To begin with, Mexico is full of natural and constructed wonders: charming colonial villages with cboblestone streets, magnificent colonial architecture, quaint villages in the mountains with chalets and cabins overlooking breathtaking scenery, wide rivers, snowy mountain tops, large elegant coffee plantations, fantasy architecture dotting the countryside. In fact, there really are no other countries so close to each other, who share a border, that are as different from each other as the United States and Mexico. Mexicans see the world in a completely different light than do their neighbors to the north, and this is expressed in just about every facet of life, from the music to the architecture to the way they do business and celebrate their lives. Retiring in Mexico is an adventure in exploration, where you will discover a new world, a different point of view, and a refreshing new way of living. Of course it’s not for everyone, since a little bit of adventurous spirit is necessary for this lifestyle. You have to be able to imagine the possibilities and take some personal risks, like moving away from familiar surroundings and moving to a different culture. You will be leaving old friends and family behind, but also meeting new people and making new friends.

The major advantages of choosing Mexico as your new home for retirement, are location, lower costs, friendly culture, and beautiful countryside. It’s pretty easy to stay in touch with folks back home via the internet, telephone, or even visiting and taking advantage of airfare sales. Cost of living is about one-fourth of that in the United States, with everything from eggs to rent running at considerably lower prices in Mexico. If you want to live in a trendier area like Puerto Vallarta, rent will cost you much more than in the countryside or in smaller villages, but it’s your choice to make.

Of course there are some downsides to living in Mexico, as of course no culture is perfect. Mexico’s problems are generally related to poverty with enviromental degredation and crime standing out at the top of the list. Also, government isn’t as efficient as that in the United State, and anything inolving a governmental agency or paperwork will take time, patience, and what seems a forest’s worth of paper. Living in any new place takes adjustment, and liviing in a new country takes double amounts of adjustment. Mexico is no exception, and for those people who resist change and who are stuck in their ways, retiring here may be very challenging. If you are young at heart and up for new things and like a challenge, you’ll find a wonderful world to explore, full of great people and new ideas. You will make friends and learn more about the world, and perhaps even yourself.

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